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TRIO Marketing|Branding|Advertising is a full-service marketing communications company providing a wide array of integrated marketing services. We understand that each client is unique; therefore we provide customized solutions based on your goals, growth objectives, and budget.

TRIO delivers an effective blend of creative talent and strategic thinking, delivering results that increase your bottom line. We utilize our network of local experts in the community to execute successful campaigns on the basis of design, printing and mailing.

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We work hard to combine marketing talent and technology with outstanding customer service to build long-term partnerships with you and your business. Our strategies are delivered on time and in a cost-effective manner to achieve maximum response and grow your business.

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We aspire to be a different kind of agency.

We achieve excellence because we are emotionally and intellectually invested in our work. Our results-oriented work-ethic goes hand-in-hand with our passion to serve our clients with honesty and integrity. We are 100% transparent with our clients. No secrets. And, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability and responsibility. That’s what makes us different.

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9 Reasons To Outsource Your Marketing

To improve company focus.

TRIO sets up a framework where, as an outside expert (with an outside perspective), we assume responsibility for marketing operational details. That leaves management free to focus on more important business issues related to customer service and marketplace demand.

To obtain top-notch capabilities.

Through specialization, TRIO brings many extensive marketing skill sets for you to utilize in your business. From leading-edge technology to industry knowledge and expertise, we help companies better satisfy customers and increase productivity.

To accelerate results.

Businesses quickly see the benefits of innovating their marketing after partnering with TRIO. Whether you had marketing tactics in place before, or you’re new to market your business, TRIO can implement a unique marketing strategy that will get your business noticed.

To spend money the right way.

TRIO will advise you on the best way to spend your advertising dollars. Without a trusted marketing partner, many media sales reps sway business owners to invest in services that may not be the best fit for their business. TRIO will redirect your resources to tactics that will have the greatest impact on business performance, working within your budget.

To share risks.

You have to spend money to make money. This fact can be scary to business owners. Trust TRIO with your marketing dollars. We measure the effectiveness of each marketing tactic performed. If we see something isn’t working, we will let you know. We aim to provide you with the best ROI.

To cut internal expenses.

Most small to medium-sized businesses do not need someone working 9 to 5 solely on marketing. TRIO can provide greater expertise and get the job done in less time than a full-time marketer. We’re less expensive, too!

To unlock unavailable resources.

If you partner with us, we’ll hook you up with TRIO’s connections. This means more media exposure and better rates on printing and advertising (and we pass the savings right along to you!).

To streamline communication.

When partnering with TRIO, you will have one specific account manager that you can email with any marketing request under the sun. Contact us with any concern you may have, and our team of professionals will work together to get the job done!

To simplify costs.

Don’t make billing harder than it needs to be. Partnering with TRIO means an easily-balanced check book and less hand cramping, do we need to say more?

What our Clients say

We've been with TRIO since March 2012 and we've seen tremendous growth in our practices since then. TRIO has helped establish a brand for our offices and has given us the professional look that goes along with our professional services.- Beth Petty, Owner, Garvers Animal Health Center
Since having TRIO on the team since 2011, we have seen a significant value increase in our media buying. TRIO has been an integral part in our company's success as we continue growing store units and enter new markets.- Joe Luhman, Co-Owner, Midwest Mattress
TRIO has become a critical and valuable partner to my business. From identification, planning and budgeting, to execution and delivery, TRIO executes on time, on quality and on budget.- Bruce Beguhn, Owner, Lakeside Products
TRIO is the one stop shop for all your marketing needs. They listen to their clients and determine what areas they need to enhance to better promote their business.- Tammy Stifel, Owner of Organizer4U
TRIO is very dedicated to the success of their clients. They know their clients' needs, which is reflected in the quality creative and solid recommendations they make. I enjoy working with them!- Kelly Baughman, Sales Representative at The Des Moines Register
TRIO has been a fantastic business partner over the years. They really know how to take care of their customers with their high quality products and services. Most importantly, they are a joy to work with!- Derek Trobaugh, Account Manager at United Trade Printers